Friday, April 1, 2011

Been Gone

Moved down to California last month, and it took a while for the modem to arrive, so I've had plenty of time to paint. I haven't finished as much as I would have liked, but here's five things. I have at least another five near completion.

The next three are for a "Monster Ball" thing on Deviant Art, where participants are asked to dress their character in formal wear as if they're attending a fancy party.

This is my demon guy, who I finally decided to name Agathos Ka Daemon. I got the name from a book of gods. His name came up in relation to the goddess Fortuna, which is the name of the city that we moved to.

Here's Fritz.

And finally Sephres. A friend had asked a while ago if he was capable of standing on his hind legs, so I decided to try it out.

This is Socrates, a character I haven't really developed or thought about much. I sketched this a couple years ago, and it's gone through a few changes since then, as my skills slowly improved over time. I decided it was time to finish it.

And last is a dagger I designed for Fritz a while ago. I always liked how it turned out, and felt like coloring it to flesh out the idea a bit.

I hope to have more to show in the coming weeks.

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